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From January 2019 we will no longer be publishing the full programme including music as we have done for the past four years. Instead, we will be publishing the Anchor/iTunes podcasts which are individual segments published sequentially at 4pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday of each week.

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12th Jan

Our 12 programme for the current season was broadcast on January 12th. Here are the full details of the show:

    Word of the Week: "Deft"
      Thought for the Week: Simon Sineck - We cannot put a price on principles -
    there is no amount of money to justify doing what we do not believe in.
    2nd Section: Dananjaya Hettiarachchi (2014 World Champion of Public Speaking "How do I Pick a Winning Topic"
    3rd Section: Paul discusses how to "Become a better conversationalist" - inspired by Patricia Fry's article in Toastmaster Magazine of December 2017
    4th Section: Ted talks about "The Art of Persuasion" from the January 2018 edition of the Toastmasters Magazine.

The music featured in this show is:

    The Bee Gees - Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Coolio - Gangsters of Paradise
    Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

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