Date Name Details
22-Dec-17 Chris Anderson Chris Anderson (TED Curator) - TED's Secret to Great Public Speaking.
02-Mar-18 Craig Valentine "The Key Secret to Telling Great Stories" and "The Callback - A Fantastic Way to Open your Speech
01-Dec-17 Craig Valentine Craig Valentine on Leadership.
12-Jan-18 Dananjaya Hettiarachchi Dananjaya Hettiarachchi 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking "How do I Pick a Winning Topic"
29-Jun-18 Dr Ivan Joseph The skill of self-confidence.
15-Dec-17 Julian Treasure Ted talk entitled "5 Ways to Listen Better".
22-Sep-17 Manoj Vasudevan (2017 World Champion) on How to Master Public Speaking
29-Dec-17 Rita Pearson TED talk "Every kid needs a champion".
19-Jan-18 Toastmasers Int'l TI Videos "Finding Speech Topics" and "Using Humor in Speeches"

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