Date Name Details  
02-Dec-17 Adrian Melia Interview with the late Adrian Melia.
09-Feb-18 Binal Sawjani Paul interviews Binal Sawjani from Cranfield Speakers, VPE of Cornerstone & Mentor to Luton Communicators.
25-May-18 Bruce Le Lievre Interview with Bruce LeLièvre, President of Haymarket Toastmasters and member of Edinburgh Advanced TM and Linlithgow Speakers.
26-Jan-18 Craig Valentine Sandra Losty interviews Craig Valentine at the Dubhlinn Conference in November 2016
17-Nov-17 Kit Yee Interview with Kit Yee from Clyde Communicators, Glasgow, Scotland.
24-Nov-17 Linda Sage Interview with Linda Sage from The Firebird Collective.
09-Mar-18 Michelle Alba-Lim Interview with Michelle Alba-Lim DTM
23-Feb-18 Moira O'Brien Ted interviews Moira O'Brien from 2015
13-Apr-18 Oladele Olunike Interview Interview with - Oladele Olunike, Eagle Toastmasters Club, D74
11-May-18 Paul O'Mahony & Moira O'Brien Ted interviews Paul & Moira about their contributions to the District 71 Conference in Cork on May 11th - 13th "Safe Haven 2018".
01-Jun-18 Samir Malak Interview with Samir Malak, President of The Firebirds Collective, and incoming president of Connected Speakers, Bromley in D91.
04-May-18 Sharon O'Neill and Pat Duggan Interview with Sharon O'Neill and Pat Duggan about the District 71 Conference in Cork on May 11th - 13th "Safe Haven 2018".
18-May-18 Simon Bucknell Interview with Simon Bucknell, 2nd place in the International Speech Contest finals 2017 and the keynote speaker at SafeHaven 2018.
08-Jun-18 Steve Campion Interview with Steve Campion, Director Area 20, Asst Division H PQ Director, President of East Herts Speakers, VPE Stevenage Speakers and VPPr Winchomore Hill Speakers.
02-Feb-18 Vicky Lester Ted interviews Vicky Lester from Cranfield Speakers & director of Area 44 of District 71.

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