News About the Show


As promised we are now building an index to the subjects that we have covered since we started publishing in Anchor, iTunes etc. The links will take you to the relevant podcast in Anchor. Click on the menu item above "Index" = "Articles Index" to access it


Christmas 2018

Ted, Paul and myself would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas/Holiday season, and the very best for the New Year 2019.

The Future

We have just been informed that Irish Radio International is going off air very shortly. Rather than find another Internet radio station to host our show we have decided that we will go podcast only from this coming Friday. We will continue to produce shows weekly and they will be podcasted as before on this website as well as, in individual segments, on iTunes. We are currently in the process of uploading all the 2018 shows to be available on iTunes. We hope that you will stay with us in our new format.

Update on Podcasts

Continuing our development of the programme, we are now concentrating on publishing only the four individual segments each week through our podcast partner Anchor who then disseminate the podcast to a further 10 podcast platforms including iTunes and Podbean. As from January, we will no longer be publishing the full hour-long programme on Mixcloud, though previous podcasts will always be available there.

We are also developing a linked index to all the content on our current shows and will be building these indices backwards over time to cover all our seasons 4 and 5 podcasts. Watch this space for further developments.

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